Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Velcade Treatment

After only 3 treatments, we have noticed a remarkable difference in my dads condition. For the past 2 months he had developed and unusual bone growth in his collar bone, it was almost portruding and for so long we thought perhaps he may have been being paranoid until we saw it poking out under his shirt. I wasn't impressed when we told the consultant and her response was "ooh i dont know what that is, that is a bit strange" I did a google search and found out that the spinal cord, thigh bone and collar bone are all rich in bone marrow, hence the myeloma was the cause of the swelling on my dads collar bone. After the velcade treatment the swelling has gone down so much it is hardly visible ! While it it is amazing that my dad is responding so well to the drug, its really scary how quickly things have progressed this time around, and if the doctors hadnt moved so quickly this time around he would have deteriated so quickly.

Dad is having platelets twice prior to resuming treatment in the new year. He is feeling quite nauseas and is starting to lose his apetite again, but he finds by snacking throughout the day as opposed to having large meals makes a real difference. Im soo proud of him and I am amazed at his strength and determination every day...I just wish he wasnt so stubborn all the time. He refuses to let us come with him to all of his appointments as he says its all routine and that he normally sleeps during treatments. He then tells us everything is fine afterwards and that he is back off to work. I understand that he wants to keep things as normal as possible for himself, and as a father he wants to protect us from seeing his pain, but he has always been there to look after us and even now he is exactly the same. Now its my/our turn, whether he likes it or not were going to be there! through it all.

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