Sunday, 20 December 2009


Although we knew this was an inevitable part of this particular disease it still came as some what of a surprise. We got the news from a routine blood test in November 2009. We were all really surprised as we all thought he had been doing so well. The protien in his urine had increased considerably and was now affecting his kidneys.He was sent to have immediate X-rays and more blood test.

The team of consultants were meeting the following day, and promptly the day after he was called in for treatment. We disussed velcade at the previous appointment. Having already read up on this I was really pleased that everything has been moving so quickly. He has now had 3 treatments already and so far so good. He has had a little nausea and getting a few cramps in his hands and feet. He has one more treatment tommorow before Xmas and were meeting with the consultants tommorow to discuss his progress too.

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