Thursday, 17 December 2009

Dads Diagnosis

My dad was diagnosed with stage 3 Multiple Myeloma in August 2007 after a shoulder injury that failed to heal after a year. His GP continued to give him morphine shots to help control the pain and after the umpeenth appointment decided to refer him for an MRI scan. My husband was with my dad when he was told that a number of tumours could be seen...full stop! That was it! They were sent home..

My husband broke the news to my mum and called me and my sisters to tell us the news. I was just over 6 months pregnant at the time....I couldnt breathe! Did this mean my father was going to die..

He was called in 1 week later when to speak with a consultant, and after various tests he was diagnosed with MM. The consultant was fantastic, explaining all aspects of the disease in great detail but what he gave us was hope that this was not the end, but the beggining of a very difficult journey.

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