Tuesday, 22 February 2011

No more treatment

Dad has been quiet down for the past month or so, the last batch of radiotherapy has let him exhausted, im not sure how much it actually helped, its just the myeloma working its way through his body.

He had an appointment today, and was told that the myeloma has progressed, and that they had now exhausted all forms of treatment over the past few years. The consultant has asked to bring his family to the next appointment. What does that mean ? I know its not good news BUT what next ??

I dont want to give up hope, his kidneys are quite damaged but there are things you can do. This is not his time ! He has been given steroids to take for the next 4 days, and his consultant wants to see him every 2 weeks from now on.

There are so many fantastic blogs on myeloma im sure someone will be able to help in some way or another..

i feel like absolute crap......I cant imagine for one second what it must be like to tell your family news like this. I admire his strength to go on, to still put our needs before his, and the fact that he still has a sense of humour!

I will never complain about anything ever again, I don't have the right too.

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