Saturday, 1 January 2011


Firstly Happy New Year all! My daughter turned 3 last month which means it has been just over 3 years since Dad was diagnosed with MM.

Its been quite a while since my last post, Dad came off the Velcade after 2 cycles proved to be 2 too many. The after effects kept him in bed for weeks afterwards with crippling pains and tingly feelings in his hands and feet.It is supposed to be one of the most effective but expensive forms of treatment for MM. If he has received this treatment when he was first diagnosed he may have had a better tolerance towards it as he was healthier but at this stage and age! his body has not been able to cope with it. Anyway they have put him back on the original combination of drugs he was given when he was first diagnosed.

Its hard to tell how Dad has been doing recently, he has just learnt to get on with things and not really talk about it too much. The pain in his back came back a few months ago which meant he decided to go ahead and have some more radiotherapy which he really really didn't want to do. He had 6 rounds in 7 not sure if it worked because it has been a fair few weeks now and the pain is still quite intense. He is allot more tired recently because of it and is continually taking morphine to help with the pain..I think we will need to discuss this in more detail with the doctor when we see her in a weeks time but i am praying that having the radiotherapy was worthwhile and the pain will just ease soon!

On the more positive side, the past 6 months (despite the Cancer) have been good, Dad has been working as per usual, has gone off certain foods, but is eating healthy portions, he has lost a few teeth but that doesnt stop him smiling, his hair just keeps coming back which is fantastic - he turns 70 this year and he's got a family that adore him so he's got plenty to live for and he knows it :)

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