Friday, 25 February 2011

2 days later but today is another day

Dad, has been busy getting his finances in order, closing down accounts, moving money around and generally making plans for when he is no longer here. He sat us all down yesterday to talk through his finances, his savings etc. It was really devastating, this was one of the few times not a single one of us could hold it together. One look at my forever optimistic mothers face just broke me. Shes never given up hope on my dad and just wanted him to stop talking about it. Its great that he has everything in order, so that my little sister who still lives at home does not need to take on responsibility of the house and expences. He has asked us to get in touch with Macmillan Cancer support on advice from his consultant.

I must have called him 5 times already, just to hear his chirpy voice at the other end (hes still working btw). my older sister has disappeared off or a long weekend she seems to always disappear when we receive bad news. Its her way of coping I guess but it really upsets me.

Today is another day, my dad is here and seems much better than he has been recently, hes making plans to go on a religious pilgrimage, I have been reading up on things he can do to help ease the stress on his kidneys. I guess allot hangs on what we will be told next week, i know my dad has not been completely open about the details of his condition and tries to mask the pain allot so im nervous about what the consultant will tell us......hopefully that she got it wrong...

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