Sunday, 28 March 2010

Still on the Velcade

Dad is still on the Velcade, but after some more side effects, the dosage has been reduced a 2nd time in the past 2 months.

He is getting alot of pain in his bones, he describes them as strong cramps in his legs. Yesterday he said that every bone in his body was hurting. The X-Rays have come back clear, but he his doctor has suggested a CT scan to try and understand where the pain is coming from. After every 4 treatments the pain hits him shortly afterwards. He is having some bad days, but is still doing pretty great - still working! full time..and he turns 69 this year! My mum is visiting her Dad next month and for the first time will be away for a whole month; she is really worried about leaving him and has cooked and frozen a serious amount of food. Dad is actually quite looking forward to it ( the break not the food :) He doesnt know that me my husband and my daughter will be moving in with him to keep him company. Im sure it will come as a nice surprise.

The clocks have gone forward today- A bit of sunshine does everyone the world of good.

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