Saturday, 1 May 2010


The Velcade has been put on hold for a few weeks again, as my Dad has had some more swelling on his legs. However this time its not going away. Both legs are affected but the right leg is pretty bad. He has had a scan to check or blood clots and the heart, lungs and everything else is clear. He has been given something from his GP to help drain the fluid but that doesn't seem to be doing anything. Some of his other drugs have been stopped too, especially those which cause drowsiness, as he managed to fall asleep during one of his appointments - which is really worrying. He has been booked in for a scan in two weeks time of his stomach, something to do with fluid travelling to and from his leg from his stomach. It has been making some strange noises like indegestion but very very loud. The swelling is causing him alot of pain and nothing really seems to be helping, he keeps it elevated for most of the day and tries to keep the weight off from it..hopefully it will go down soon, and more importantly the doctors work out what has been causing it,so that it doesnt stop his treatment from being held up for much longer.

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