Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Velcade Cycle 2

Dad was actually released after 5 days and not 2 weeks. As he was feeling a little stronger he was given Chemo just before he left! And was back at work after the weekend. AMAZING. There was no hanging about and he is feeling and looking great might I add.

I have been reading up on various on quite a few different things recently when I came across a product called Mel- Life Honey. Now the site makes some pretty amazing claims about its ability to avoid patient’s counts from dropping during chemo, and how it has helped people to recover from Cancer. Clinging on to hope I bought 2 jars at £37.50 a jar it wasn’t cheap but if it worked id buy him an oceans worth. Anyhoo he spoke with a Doctor yesterday and they instructed him not to take it as there were not sure how it would work with the many other drugs that he is taking……Is it worth the risk after all it is only honey! But the answer is NO. His is liver is not at 100 % and no one knows for sure if it will do any harm.

If anyone else does happen to try this I would be interested to hear your experiences with it.

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