Thursday, 3 March 2011

dealing with the news day by day

Its been little over a week since we were told that my dads condition was now terminal, and im not sure if im imagining it but he seems to be deteriorating. He is having more pain in his legs with cramps and tingling in his fingers, but one thing that never fails to perk him up is my daughter, his grand-daughter.

This still has not stopped him going to work!! he says it helps him get out and about and i guess keep living. He is booked in for some blood next week and the consultant wll be seeing him before he leaves for his trip. The doc said he didnt need to follow any particular diet as it wouldnt do any more damage but from what i have been reading i think the renal diet sounds like a good idea. It will help us to control his pottasium and phosphrus consumptions so things like tomatoes,pototoes and oranges and bananas will be out of bounds.

Im still holding out for a miracle and do believe that this could happen but at the same time, I dont want my dad to worry about whatever happens next. We will take everyday as it comes, he is here today and we will deal with whatever arrives for us tommorow.

He has told his closest friends and my mum said he has been getting quite upset, but afterwards he is just fine, it is not the easiest news to tell anyone especially close friends and family.

I havent told anyone at work, im in a new job and even though i have looked like absolute crap a few times noone has even asked me how i am, which is going to make it quite difficult when i am going to need more time off. I am considering quitting and finding a small part-time job somewhere close-by, but we shall see at the moment there is no point as my dad is working himself but i wont worry about that now. The main thing from my perspective is doing all that we can to make him more comfortable making him smile everyday and showing him that we will be there for him all the way.

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